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This page is for comments on newest collection additions, changes in the photo world, just for fun commentaries, and anything else that comes to mind relating to photography or collecting.  I hope to keep it changing, like a personal editorial page. 

Love the oldies but depend on the modern ones

As much as I love the oldies, when I have to produce, it is a more modern camera I choose. I have to admit even the late model cameras I own probably date back at least 15 years - my Nikon N6006 and Yashica 230AF are my "modern" cameras.  I do have an Olympus D-360L digital camera I use to shoot many of the illustrations on this web site.  It has good resolution, but no optical zoom, so it is quite limited. 

More of "More Cameras"

The Agfa Ambi Silette shown above is one of the finer leaf shutter cameras that had interchangeable lenses.  Back in the mid 60's before I was camera collecting I owned one.  My impression of it and it's additional lenses was that it had some of the sharpest lenses I had ever shot.  I still consider it an outstanding performer. The extra lenses can be hard to find now though. Shown to right is a camera that has surprised me by it's current value.  It was the cheapest rangefinder camera on the market in the mid 50's. Despite this, the ones listed on eBay seem to mostly be working cameras, as is this one.  It has sentimental value to me as my Father picked up one while he was stationed overseas.