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Welcome To My Home Page
I have been taking pictures since I was 6 and doing darkroom work since I was 8. It's been a big part of my life, including being High School Yearbook Photographer, College Newspaper photographer, Professional Studio photographer, Newspaper editor and working for a major Photo Store for over 30 years.
Have a look - a lot has changed
I have finally got my art in position and most of the copy in place. Here for you to enjoy - I apologize that there is no longer a guest book, however some entries were left that locked it up and even I can no longer access it. Comments can be left on the Kodak 35RF chat box - click on the Kens Pictures link at the bottom of this page.

Variations in the Kodak 35RF -also called Kodak 35 Rangefinder

My first 35mm camera was the Kodak 35RF, shown on the right. I have recently discovered there were many changes made in this camera over the years.  Click below on "Kens Pictures" link to see a list of these variations and examples, and to access my KODAK 35RF CHAT BOX (and other American 35mm cameras), The other camera was one I was seriously considering when I bought the Kodak 35RF, the Mercury II.  There is more on it at several locations on this site.

Please don't continue if you are seeking solid facts and researched statistics. I will try to add links on the favorite links page to help you get some of that information. But, this is a site for fun. I am having fun playing with the old cameras. I have a lot of background, often first hand from back when many of these cameras were new. I grew up in the 50's and that is a good share of what is featured here. If you want to walk down memory lane and enjoy memories of how we might have felt about these camera back then, page forward and enjoy.

This is me
This is me about 10 years ago. Odd assortment of cameras - looks like a Spotmatic and a Revere 127. Other 35mm I think was a different Pentax model.
Kens Pictures