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Assorted cameras and accessories from my collection

Classic and not-so-classic cameras for you to view and enjoy.  There are cameras from the 30's (or maybe even late 20's) through the 80's represented here.  Most are very affordable for the beginning or modest budget collector (like myself) to think of for their collections.

Here is a picture of me about 1971. Beard is real, full head of hair is fake. Camera is a 2X3 Century Graphic.

I believe a Kodak Vest Pocket B 127 camera was the third camera I owned. I shot only a couple rolls through it back in 1958. It was neat to carry around in my pocket.

I got the Vest Pocket B (at left) and an Ideal plate camera in a box of photo junk. The Ideal was similar in design to the Agfa. I never used it.

Fed 2, no longer looks like a Leica. I prefer the one with the Leica style advance knob myself

The Mir - I think this was intended to be an economy model with Leica thread mount.

Fed 5b - they advertise these new so they may still be making them?

Minolta A was an unusual design economy 35mm of the mid 50's. It was well built and quite popular at the time.

My youngest brother used a Ricohmatic 225 to shoot weddings. A very fine Japanese 120 TLR.

My father owned this Universal Cinemaster II. It was the first movie camera I ever shot.

These were the cheapest of extinction meters - a Leudi II and Leudi Cine.

GE PR-1, PR-2 and PR-3 meters were popular with serious photographers in the 50's.

Weston meters were popular professional meters in the 50's and 60's. This is the Master III.

For incident metering fans of the 50's & 60's, it was hard to beat a Norwood Director.

Skan meters were popular in the early 50's. The center model had a finder to show the area the meter is reading.

Gossen Luna Pro and Metraphot CDs, both fine German CDs meters of the late 60's and early 70's. Luna Pro was the most popular of the two, very popular with pros.

My middle brother's first real camera was a Brownie Hawkeye like this. These were very popular in the early-mid 50's.

A Wirgin 120 with a Wollensak lens was the first adjustable camera I ever used, when I was about 13.

Back in the 50's and 60's the Minolta 16 cameras were a very popular subminiature. It was my first subminiature.

One of the best 110 cartridge film cameras was this little Rollei A110. I sometimes carry it around in my pocket just to have a camera with me.

I'm a big fan of black cameras. Here is a Ciro 35 f3.5 in black.

Edinex 35mm camera, sometimes called a "Leica imitation" due to it's similar shape. One of cheapest German 35mm cameras of early 50's and before.

Vito B, a compact 35mm camera of the 50's made by Voigtlander. My father owned one of these in the 60's.Generally excellent lenses.

LEICA RAPID WIND. Shown here and next shot with a Clarus, I originally learned to wind this way on an old Leica IIIf. It is very fast when you get used to it.

I was told this was so fast that old screw mount Leica users wondered why they put that "rapid wind lever" on the M-3. I learned it from the store manager when I started to work here at Wolfe's Camera.

The famous Argus C-3. The black brick was quite dependable - I have rarely seen one that is not working (seen a lot of inaccurate rangefinders though). One of the best selling 35mm cameras of all time.

Another Boy Scout camera, a little newer model than my other one. Fits into my Scout Memoriablia display.

Kodak Dualfex IV. Focus and exposure adjustment put this in the class of a fine quality box camera.

This Bolsey Jubilee looks a little rough, but it is a good shooter and very compact.

This particular Rollei SL35 ME is a little temperamental, but I plan to try it out anyway to see how it performs.

I don't know if it is just the ones I won, or if this is a common problem, but this Ansco Super Regent and my Agfa Solinette II (same, VF only) both have very stiff, hard to turn focus.Fine cameras otherwise.